Publication of new research from Neotherix-supported project

Researchers at UEA have published a paper in Bioconjugate Chemistry on the rapid immobilisation of protein on polyester microcarriers using click chemistry in physiological conditions and without the use of coupling reagents. A one-step copper-free click chemistry reaction was able to functionalise monodisperse polyester microcarriers with protein at high efficiency in 10 minutes. This approach is readily adaptable to a wide range of active biological factors and polyester polymers. In this case, our clinical target is the repair of damaged tendons.

Authors include Dr Aram Saeed and members of his research group Grace Walden (whose PhD studies are supported by an EPSRC iCASE grant with Neotherix) and Xin Liao. Professor Mike Raxworthy is the industrial supervisor and Grace’s other supervisors Dr Graham Riley (UEA) and Professor Simon Donell (Norwich Medical School) are also authors on the paper.

The article is available via the publisher’s website: G. Walden et al, Synthesis and fabrication of surface-active microparticles using a membrane emulsion technique and conjugation of model protein via strain-promoted azide-alkyne click chemistry in physiological conditions, Bioconjugate Chemistry (2019), DOI: 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.8b00868

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