Seton-Scaffold Device™

The Seton-Scaffold Device™ (SSD) is a narrow, thin piece of biomaterial that has been designed to be placed and fixed in the fistula tract.

The SSD combines the benefits of ongoing active seton drainage simultaneously with a bioresorbable scaffold structure for tissue regrowth – to produce superior results, via a simpler, less invasive (eventually, local rather than general anaesthesia) and economically advantageous solution.

The Seton-Scaffold Device material encourages the body’s cells to migrate, settle into and populate the scaffold, which is the first step in a process that should eventually lead to the complete healing of the fistula.

The scaffold material and the seton thread are slowly resorbed over several weeks.

Seton Scaffold Device


Awarded £1.09m NIHR i4i grant
Collaborative project working with UK - leading colorectal surgery group at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham ("ABC" project)
FIM Approval (after completion of design dossier, tensile testing and chemical characterisation of SSD)
Patient recruitment into Clinical Investigation from July 2021

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