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Older news items from Neotherix are listed below. See the Current News page for more recent articles.

19/12/14 Neotherix becomes Bionow member
21/11/14 Year in Industry Intern joins Neotherix team
25/09/14 Neotherix is a Medipex NHS Innovation Awards 2014 Finalist
16/09/14 Neotherix attending the Regener8 Annual Conference 2014
22/08/14 Congratulations to Neotherix-supported CASE student
04/06/14 Applicants sought for UEA CASE PhD studentship with Neotherix
02/05/14 Key patent granted in Japan
30/04/14 Presentations from Nano4Life event now available
14/03/14 Case study published on collaborative project between Neotherix and the University of Manchester
05/03/14 Neotherix presenting at Nano4Life 6th Annual Conference and Exhibition
26/02/14 Neotherix attending Nanofibres to Nanocomposites III conference
27/01/14 Neotherix attending 2014 BioSynergy Conference
21/01/14 Neotherix listed on map of UK Regenerative Medicine landscape
09/01/14 MeDe Innovation Launch and iMBE Annual Conference
19/12/13 Neotherix mentioned in editorial review of electrospun nanofibres
06/11/13 Neotherix presenting at TERMIS-AM 2013
17/10/13 Neotherix presenting at World Conference on Regenerative Medicine 2013
02/10/13 Smart Proof of Market award granted to Neotherix
30/09/13 Neotherix presenting at Regener8 Annual Conference 2013
26/09/13 Year in Industry Intern joins Neotherix team
19/07/13 House of Lords report on potential of regenerative medicine in the UK published
28/06/13 Mike Raxworthy invited to be a member of the newly-formed MedTech Skills National Workgroup
26/04/13 Two Neotherix patent applications published
12/04/13 Visiting CASE PhD student models Neotherix electrospinning process
18/03/13 Neotherix upgrades skills through specialist medical device training
24/01/13 Key patent granted in US
07/12/12 Neotherix exhibiting at Collaboration Nation - London, December 2012
28/11/12 Neotherix presenting at BioYorkshire 2012
18/10/12 Neotherix has joined Growth Accelerator!
16/10/12 Neotherix exhibiting at Nanofibres to Nanocomposites II event
26/09/12 Neotherix presenting at the Regener8 Annual Conference 2012
07/09/12 Neotherix participates in advanced woundcare mission to China
06/09/12 Neotherix represented on NanoRegen Mission to Germany and Austria.
11/06/12 Feasibility study funding awarded to Neotherix by Technology Strategy Board
28/05/12 Neotherix input into Electrospinning and Biomaterials conference presentations
27/04/12 Neotherix Scientist awarded Visiting Research Fellowship
19/03/12 National newspaper coverage for Neotherix story
28/02/12 New Technology Strategy Board funding for EktoTherix™
07/02/12 Neotherix attending Venturefest Yorkshire 2012
18/01/12 Mike Raxworthy to speak at Polymers in Regenerative Medicine symposium
05/12/11 Technology Strategy Board regenerative medicine funding winners announced
02/11/11 Neotherix to present at Nanofibres to Nanocomposites event
17/10/11 Neotherix is part of Health and Ageing Mission to US
06/10/11 Neotherix exhibiting at stand HW17 at Innovate '11
04/10/11 Neotherix to exhibit at Innovate '11
30/09/11 Feasibility study funding success for Neotherix and University of Manchester
26/09/11 Neotherix attending the Regener8 Annual Conference 2011
08/09/11 Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION) presentation scheduled for Neotherix
06/07/11 Neotherix to present at NanoRegen event
11/04/11 Open Innovation in China
03/03/11 IBIZ Invest 2011 presentation scheduled for Neotherix
28/02/11 Neotherix to be showcased at online Emerging Medical Technologies Spotlight event
14/02/11 Neotherix to exhibit at Venturefest Yorkshire 2011
11/02/11 Neotherix participates in trade mission to US
11/01/11 Neotherix awarded regeNer8 regenerative medicine project extension funding
10/12/10 Neotherix recognised among UK's pioneering healthcare technology companies
02/11/10 Neotherix to speak at Commercial Translation of Regenerative Medicine conference, 2010
07/10/10 Mike Raxworthy invited to judge Bioscience YES competition
23/09/10 Funding to aid development of skin cancer therapy

A consortium of experts has won a significant grant to develop a novel regenerative medicine product to help skin cancer patients.

EktoTherix™, a bioresorbable scaffold material that assists patient tissue repair and regeneration, has been developed by Neotherix Limited supported by Lorien Engineering Solutions and Smith & Nephew Advanced Wound Management. Matrix Knowledge Group also joined the consortium to provide economic evaluation for the new product into clinical practice. The consortium has secured 50% funding for the £345,000 project from the Technology Strategy Board to take the therapy to the next stage of development. This follows an earlier feasibility project grant made to Neotherix by the Board in 2009.

The product works by applying a patch of EktoTherix™ following excision of the basal or squamous cell carcinoma by the clinician, and this rapidly allows the wound space to be filled with (and then covered by) the patients' own skin cells. The product is formed via an electrospinning process, and the highly porous three-dimensional scaffold structure supports the migration and proliferation of fibroblast cells from surrounding healthy skin tissue to facilitate healing of the wound.

This innovative treatment provides an aesthetically acceptable repair to the skin, avoids the need to either graft donor skin tissue from elsewhere on the patient or have an extended healing process with regular dressing changes with an increased risk of infection, and provides a convenient and cost-effective treatment for dermatologists and surgeons.

Neotherix' initial clinical target concerns the post-surgical treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers. Further clinical applications are expected. Mike Raxworthy, CEO of York-based Neotherix said: "This Technology Strategy Board funded project will continue the development of the product towards full commercialisation. It will allow us to conduct confirmatory preclinical testing for efficacy and safety, perform GMP production trials and explore the patient pathway including the initial stage of a clinical economic evaluation. On completion of this project our aim is to conduct a clinical evaluation of the product, with an estimated market launch in late 2012. The estimated global market for this product is £360m per annum."

Midlands-based Lorien Engineering Solutions is assisting in the development of the commercialisation pathway for the product. In particular, Lorien is leading the definition of GMP manufacturing requirements and manufacturing risk evaluation which will be required by regulatory authorities. Lorien's life sciences director Bill Treddenick said: "This grant award is fantastic news for the project as the product has the potential to greatly improve patient outcomes during non-melanoma skin cancer excisions. Lorien is delighted to be part of such a successful consortium of companies working in the regenerative medicine arena, and in particular to be able to continue our involvement with Mike Raxworthy and colleagues at Neotherix following completion of the Technology Strategy Board-funded feasibility project earlier this year."

Commenting on the grant awards for regenerative medicine projects, Iain Gray, the Technology Strategy Board's Chief Executive, said: "Regenerative medicine has already provided significant medical advances in areas such as skin regeneration for burns patients, and it has the potential to offer cures and treatments with long-term benefits. The UK is a world leader in this area, with a strong science base. For us to fulfil our potential in this field, a number of development challenges need to be overcome, so that British businesses - and the wider economy - can benefit from the successful commercial exploitation of promising discoveries."

The investment in EktoTherix™ is part of a £21.5m programme of competitions, managed by the Technology Strategy Board, in the area of regenerative medicine. Launched in September 2009, the programme is supported by the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). In January 2010 the Board announced its first investments through the programme, with 31 feasibility studies receiving £2.8m of funding while three major collaborative research and development projects received £2.3m. The Board announced a further investment in July 2010 with 16 research and development projects and 12 feasibility studies sharing £5.1m.

See the full Neotherix press release.

Links to Lorien Engineering Solutions Link to external web site, Matrix Knowledge Group Link to external web site, Smith & Nephew Link to external web site and the Technology Strategy Board Link to external web site

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27/05/10 Neotherix embarks on Industrial CASE award project with the University of Manchester
01/03/10 New funding for Neotherix from Technology Strategy Board announced
25/02/10 Venturefest success for Neotherix
24/02/10 Mike Raxworthy back at NanoMedNet Nanomedicine Network
08/02/10 Neotherix to present and exhibit at Venturefest Yorkshire 2010
17/12/09 Neotherix to present at White Rose Work in Progress Meeting
19/11/09 Neotherix to exhibit at Annual bioProcessUK Conference
29/07/09 Neotherix success in regeNer8 Regenerative Medicine funding
03/07/09 Neotherix shortlisted for award at Medilink Innovation Day
29/05/09 Neotherix completes further stage of Access to Finance programme
28/05/09 Neotherix presents at NanoMedNet course
11/03/09 Additional RegeNer8 role for Mike Raxworthy
17/02/09 Neotherix expands its team
04/02/09 Neotherix to exhibit at Venturefest Yorkshire 2009
31/01/09 Neotherix to present at Senior Level Investment Meeting
02/10/08 Neotherix presents at YABA Investment Forum
07/08/08 Technology Strategy Board funding winners announced
08/04/08 Neotherix success in TSB application
20/12/07 Neotherix awarded White Rose grant
28/11/07 Neotherix presents at Connect Yorkshire Investment Forum
05/09/07 York-based company to pioneer skin repair for cancer sufferers
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